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Ryan Taylor Complains About Doug Goehring's Out Of State Money While Taking Plenty Of His Own

Ryan Taylor Complains About Doug Goehring's Out Of State Money While Taking Plenty Of His Own

Democrat Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Taylor unveiled what he’s describing as a “landowners bill of rights” today. There’s not a lot interesting in the proposal – most of it has been debate in the legislature previously – but this comment in Taylor’s press release announcing it caught my eye: “As your Agriculture Commissioner, you can be

ND Republicans Turned Out A Lot More Voters Than Democrats In Oil Country Last Night

What can primary election results tell us about possible general election outcomes? They can’t tell us much about a specific race between two candidates. For those of you who didn’t vote in the primary election (and judging by the turnout numbers that’s most of you), when you go to the polling place to vote you

Thoughts On The North Dakota Primary Election Results: Republicans Had 75 Percent Vote Advantage

Last night North Dakota held its statewide primary election. The June election can be a difficult one to figure. The turnout is always lower than other elections, particularly in midterm election cycles, and it can be influenced by a few competitive races or compelling ballot measures at the local level. That being said, perhaps we

Why Haven't Democrats Released Polling In North Dakota's House Race?

During the 2012 election cycle, Democrats made a stink about Republican Rick Berg not releasing any polling in his 2012 race against Heidi Heitkamp. With 20/20 hindsight, we know why Berg wasn’t releasing polling data. It probably showed that he was losing, or at least that the race was very close. Heitkamp went on to

Democrats Claim Their Polling Shows Ag Candidate Ryan Taylor Tied With Doug Goehring

For what it’s worth, North Dakota Democrats have a poll they commissioned showing Ag Commission challenger Ryan Taylor tied with Republican incumbent Doug Goehring. The full polling memo is below. The demographic breakdowns are to the right. Note that, according to this poll, Taylor dominates Goehring in western North Dakota. Given that western North Dakota

North Dakota Republican Candidates Have 584% More Campaign Cash Than Democrats

Earlier in this election cycle I’ve written about the advantage North Dakota Democrats have over the NDGOP when it comes to fundraising at the party level. But I’ve noted in those posts that because Republicans have so many incumbent candidates – every single statewide office, in fact – that party fundraising numbers don’t really give

North Dakota's Critics Shouldn't Get The Benefit Of 20/20 Hindsight

There’s a lot of “woulda, shoulda, coulda” going on in North Dakota politics right now. “It took explosions, fires and deaths before federal and state regulators got grimly serious about the risks of transporting Bakken oil,” grumped the Grand Forks Herald’s Tom Dennis in an editorial headlined, “Regulators should be more proactive.” Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commissioner

NDGOP Ag Commissioner Challenger Judy Estenson: "The Story Is Not Over"

Earlier this year the North Dakota Farm Bureau announced, in a surprise move, that they’d be backing a challenger to incumbent Republican Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. The Farm Bureau said that Goehring had been a little too big government for them, and hadn’t acted professionally in his job, so they felt a change was needed.

NDNA Will Hold Debates For House, Ag Commissioner Races In May

According to North Dakota Newspaper Association President Steve Andrist, his group will hold debates in the US Hosue race and the Agriculture Commissioner races  on May 1st. It’s kind of interesting which races the NDNA chose for debates. The federal race is a given. It’s the top of the ticket. Even if it isn’t looking

Ryan Taylor, Dem Candidate For Ag Commisison, Files Complaint Over Industrial Commission Meeting Minutes

Ryan Taylor, the endorsed Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commission, has filed an open meetings complaint with the North Dakota Attorney General over North Dakota Industrial Commission meeting minutes requested by Ellen Chaffee, his running mate when he ran for governor in 2012. This is from his announcement on the North Dakota Democrat website: The request