Still No Influx Of Cash For Sinner As Democrats Flog SAB Polling For Fundraising


Democrats are using the SAB/Valley News Live polling in the House and Agriculture Commissioner races to try and raise funds for their candidates George Sinner and Ryan Taylor.

Our polling showed Sinner losing by 7 points to Republican Kevin Cramer, and Taylor losing by 10 points to Republican Doug Goehring. But Democrats say the polls show their candidates within “striking distance.”


I’m not sure those leads for Republicans qualify as “striking distance,” but whatever. The last time we checked in on fundraising for the House candidates Sinner wasn’t doing so hot. In the closing weeks of the race each candidate must report within 48 hours all contributions over $1,000.

Since the 48 hour reports begun, Sinner has reported a total of $6,600 in contributions (including a report filed this evening). Cramer, on the other hand, has reported $36,700 (his last 48-hour report was filed on October 20).

Democrats may think say the House race is close, but they don’t seem to be putting their money where their mouths are.

As I’ve pointed out before, Democrats are pouring money into Ryan Taylor’s campaign. Since September 25th liberal contributors have dumped over $106,000 into Taylor’s campaign, by far the most out of any Democrat on the statewide ballot.

I’m not sure it’s getting him any traction. He is running a pretty ugly television about Doug Goehring right, which cites some of my reporting at

Going this negative is usually a sign of desperation, and it usually only works when the race is quite a bit closer than a 10-point spread.

But clearly Taylor’s campaign is where Democrats have decided to put their money. Which seems odd. Obviously, the most vulnerable Republican on the statewide ticket right now is Ryan Rauschenberger.