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Rumors: Democrats Considering Former Lt. Governor Candidate Ellen Chaffee For Governor Race

Rumors: Democrats Considering Former Lt. Governor Candidate Ellen Chaffee For Governor Race

UPDATE: Per Chaffee in the comments, she’s not running. She claims nobody was asking her to do so. I’m not sure that’s true, based on what I’ve heard, but whatever. Take yet another potential candidate for Democrats off the table. You know that tired old saw – the one usually attributed to Albert Einstein even

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Democrats To Use Same Campaign Platform In 2016 They Lost On In 2012 And 2014

You’ve probably heard this one before, usually attributed erroneously to someone like Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” There is truth in the statement, I think, whatever its provenance. I think it may end up applying to Democrat Sarah Vogel’s gubernatorial campaign

Heidi Heitkamp Isn't Running For Governor, Now What?

Earlier today Senator Heidi Heitkamp announced that she’s not running for governor in 2016 (during a call-in to a left wing radio show from Washington DC, if that didn’t make it obvious what her decision was). Now what? First, let’s look at what this means on the right side of politics. Republicans, even despite the

Apparently The Reward For Loser Democrat Candidates Is A Cushy Federal Appointment

In 2009, after he lost his 2008 campaign to become Insurance Commissioner, Democrat Jasper Schneider was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as the Director of the USDA’s Rural Development Office in North Dakota. It’s a cushy job which pretty much consists of going around the state and handing out big checks paid for

Can North Dakota Democrats Win By Focusing On The Legislature?

Earlier this year I had a conversation with one of my Democrat friends, and he told me his party’s focus in the 2016 election cycle was going to be the Legislature. The newly-elected chairwoman of the North Dakota Democrats, state Rep. Kylie Oversen, also said recently in a Forum Communications profile that she intends to

New York Times Hit Piece On North Dakota Oil Boom Was Just Democrat Talking Points

Remember last year when the New York Times published a lengthy series of articles casting North Dakota’s Republican-dominated state government as inept and corrupt in terms of handling the oil boom? I pointed out in November that the Times reporter met with former Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Ellen Chaffee, something the times took exception to in an

North Dakota Democrats Rush To Politicize Pipeline Spills

Always looking for an opportunity to make political hay, North Dakota Democrats are looking to cash in on recent pipeline spills in the Bakken region. “Following the largest saltwater spill of North Dakota’s current oil boom, state Democratic lawmakers say they will revisit measures overwhelmingly rejected two years ago that would mandate additional monitoring and

Video: Byron Dorgan Tries To Explain Why Democrats Can't Win In North Dakota

North Dakota Democrats got a shellacking on election night. On the statewide ballot only Ag Commission candidate Ryan Taylor got more than 40 percent of the vote. And despite a long campaign against the Republican-controlled Legislature, complete with accusations of too much focus on abortion and denying little kids their milk, the best Democrats were

Media Needs To Expose Partisan Motivations Of Oil Policy Critics

The New York Times hatchet job on North Dakota’s oil boom featured a man by the name of David Schwalbe who is critical of the North Dakota Industrial Commission’s handling of a s0-called mega-unit in which he owns mineral rights. Today, in following up on the Times piece, the Bismarck Tribune quotes Schwalbe and his complaints. David Schwalbe

Democrats Seem To Have Nearly $100,000 In Campaign Finance Errors In Reports

North Dakota Democrats have almost completely outsourced their campaign donation mechanism to a left-wing, Massachussets-based organization called ActBlue. In fact, when you donate to one of the Democrat candidates for office here in North Dakota you really aren’t making a direct contribution to that campaign. You’re actually making a contribution to the Act Blue committee