Star NDSU Linebacker Charged With Felony Aggravated Assault UPDATE: Reportedly Beat A Man Unconscious


The hits keep coming for North Dakota State University’s championship football team. After a second national title, earned with a group of players guilty of forging tens of thousands of signatures on two initiated measure petitions (the repercussions for which North Dakota State University refuses to make public), head coach Craig Bohl and the team earned honors from the state legislature and a hefty raise from the university.

But it seems the Bison football players just can’t stay out of trouble. Some of the former NDSU players caught up in the petition fraud have had arrest warrants issued after they didn’t show up for their court-ordered community service. Now star linebacker Travis Beck, who saw charges for resisting arrest dropped last year over an alcohol-relate incident, is facing charges for felony aggravated assault.

According to the state’s criminal records database, Beck faces arraignment today.

I’ll update when I get more info, but you have to wonder why the universities have so many problems with criminal players. Could it be the special treatment these pampered athletes receive? When the university prioritizes winning football championships over accountability, some of these kids might actually start to think that they’re above the law.

Update: Reportedly NDSU Head Coach Craig Bohl is suspending Beck indefinitely.

And it’s odd that they’re announcing the punishment. Remember, when it came to discipline for the petition fraud players, NDSU refused to announce what punishment had been handed out saying it would violate federal laws regarding student privacy (a position Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem upheld).

Also being reported is that Beck allegedly beat a man unconscious, and that said man remains in the hospital.

So, I guess NDSU can selectively release student punishments?