Senator Hoeven: Holder Should Step Down, NSA Controversy Due To Government Being Too Large


“Should Attorney General Eric Holder step down?” Valley News Live’s Chris Berg asked North Dakota Senator John Hoeven last night.

“I really think at this point he should,” Senator Hoeven responded. “I think there’s a real question of confidence in what he’s doing.”

It’s really saying something when even a milquetoast like Senator Hoeven is willing to start calling for resignations.

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

Senator Hoeven was also asked about the NSA spying controversy. “This is overly broad and raises concerns,” he said. “We do want to find a way to catch terrorists. If they’re calling people in the United States and trying to set up terrorist acts, we need to address that. But this is overly broad.”

Hoeven does think the program is legal, though, telling Berg it was authorized by the courts.

“I believe it’s being done pursuant to a FISA court order, so they’re following the law,” he said. “But again it’s raising privacy concerns.”

“Is it just this administration, or is government now getting so big it’s unmanageable,” Berg asked Hoeven.

“I think it’s some of both,” he responded. “I think it’s this administration, and it’s clearly a case where we have too much government. We have to control spending. We have to reduce the size of government.”