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Trust Us, We're The Government

Trust Us, We're The Government

The Obama administration’s defense of the NSA’s wholesale surveillance of, well, pretty much everyone is that the program is going to be kept in a box. The NSA is going to collect and warehouse the data and it will only be accessed under certain conditions (i.e. with authorization from the top-secret FISA court the rulings

"If everyone is supposedly under surveillance, then no one is"

Over the weekend Fox News commentator Brit Hume offered a unique defense of the NSA’s spying efforts, arguing that the mass collection of our private data really doesn’t violate our privacy because any one person’s information gets lost in the blizzard of data being collected. “This program really threatens no one unless it’s abused,” Hume

Obama: NSA Will Keep Gathering All Your Communications, But Will Need Court To Approve Accessing It

President Obama is giving his big address to the nation on changes to the NSA’s data collection on American and international communications, and what he’s proposing doesn’t sound very comforting for those concerned with privacy: President Obama will call Friday for ending the National Security Agency’s ability to store phone data from millions of Americans.

Lawmakers Take To The Courts To Fight Obama's Lawlessness

What often gets lost in the ideological war over public policy is a separate and distinct debate over the balance of power in government. Whatever ones views on the efficacy of any given policy, the importance of the political process that involves the scrutiny of multiple branches of government is important. Agree or disagree with

Should Edward Snowden Be Allowed To Come Home?

The question in the headline isn’t quite the right question. Edwards Snowden, the man who leaked a treasure trove of sensitive documents to journalists blowing the lid off the NSA’s surveillance of pretty much everybody and everything, could come home today if he wanted to, but he’d likely face dire legal challenges. So the question

What's The Worst That Could Happen: Obamacare Data Hub Will Centralize Your Financial, Health Care Information

With the NSA scandal in the headlines, Americans are becoming a little more sensitive about what data the government collects on us. But it’s not just the NSA that’s collecting our emails, and documenting our phone calls. Thanks to Obamacare, the federal government will soon have a massive central database containing our financial and health

President Obama Is Asking For Trust In A Government That Hasn't Earned It

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about government, it’s that the power it has tends to get abused. We can talk about recent scandals (the IRS targeting conservatives) or old ones (the IRS targeting Nixon’s enemies, the spying on the civil rights movement, etc., etc.), but we know it happens. So it’s cold comfort when