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Ford Foundation pours millions into net neutrality to guarantee billion-dollar investments

Ford Foundation pours millions into net neutrality to guarantee billion-dollar investments

GOOD TIMES: Ford Foundation president Darren Walker introduces former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during a talk at the Philanthropy New York’s annual meeting. By Josh Peterson and Yaël Ossowski | WASHINGTON, D.C. — In addition to major telecommunications firms aiming to influence the public debate on net neutrality, there’s the Ford Foundation,

Conservative group: California trying to grab donor lists

TARGET: The Americans for Prosperity Foundation is saying the state of California is improperly demanding information about its donors — and is threatening unusually harsh penalties if the group doesn’t comply. Another conservative group has filed a separate lawsuit against California Attorney General Kamala Harris, which is now in the 9th Circuit. By Steven Greenhut

Prisons committee calls for firings of employees and major reform

By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog LINCOLN, Neb. – A legislative committee investigating several corrections scandals called the release of murderer Nikko Jenkins a “colossal failure” of the state corrections system that appeared to be the result of a “turf war” in which corrections psychologists were trying to discredit the opinions of contract psychiatrists. REPORT:

Browning: Shumlin ruling ‘a defeat for transparency and accountability’

TRANSPARENCY CHAMPION: State Rep. Cynthia Browning, D-Arlington, is determined to continue the fight for transparent government despite losing a public records lawsuit against Gov. Peter Shumlin. By Bruce Parker | Vermont Watchdog When Vermont state Rep. Cynthia Browning began her nine-month transparency crusade against Gov. Peter Shumlin, she couldn’t have imagined how it would turn

Destination Fraud

Destination weddings are all the rage. After all, why not attend a wedding in a beautiful location and stay a little longer for some extra rest and relaxation? According to an article published by, it looks like some tourists are doing the opposite. After flocking to Myrtle Beach, SC for a vacation, some foreign

Watchdog Radio: Torture, Gruber and the Cromnibus (oh my)

By Eric Boehm and Matt Kittle | It was a big week in the nation’s capital, beginning with the release of the U.S. Senate’s report on torture conducted by the CIA and ending with the passage of the so-called “Cromnibus” spending bill that will keep the federal government from shutting down. But it was

Issues could develop in Mississippi over police body cameras

COMING TO A POLICE DEPARTMENT NEAR YOU?: The Victoria, Canada, Police Department has been using body-mounted video cameras since at least 2009. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog Smile Mississippi, police may have you on camera. Police body cameras could work as an accountability tool for patrol officers and help protect them from false abuse

Time out! Minnesota city passes moratorium on solar craze

By Tom Steward | Watchdog Minnesota Bureau MONTICELLO, Minn. — The future is bright for solar power in Minnesota, thanks to a slew of subsidies toward requiring big utilities to generate 1.5 percent of their power from solar by 2020. Despite a rush by some cities to get on the bandwagon, Monticello was the first

Land protection credits come under fire in Virginia

LAND WAR: Conservation credits designed to protect Virginia lands from development are coming under increasing fire in Richmond. By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau RICHMOND, Va. – Conservation easements that supposedly protect Virginia lands from development are coming under increasing fire for abusive practices. One lawmaker calls the situation at a Fauquier County farm

One PA ecosystem enters the court fray over fracking waste

By Rachel Martin | PITTSBURGH — In a sparsely populated township in western Pennsylvania, one ecosystem is attempting to enter a court battle in its own name. NOVEL MOVE: The Little Mahoning Watershed is attempting to intervene in a lawsuit which could have serious implications on its health. In Grant Township, Pennsylvania General Energy