SAB's Top Five Posts, Open Thread


Here are the top five posts for the week that was here on SAB. Also, open thread.

Ed Schultz’s Career Meltdown Continues, Calls Reporters “A Bunch Of Freaking Whores” – Ed Schultz’s career is in decline, and apparent more than a few of you SAB readers are enjoying the schadenfreude.

Only The Government Could Lose Money Selling Booze To Football Fans – Somehow the University of Minnesota managed to lose money on what you’d think is a can’t-miss proposition, which is selling booze to football fans.

History Channel Bible Series Makes Satan Look Suspiciously Like Barack Obama – The History Channel’s show The Bible made Stan sort of look like Barack Obama. Shockingly, some found that controversial.

Governor Jack Dalrymple May Veto Anti-Abortion Bills – With yesterday’s pro-life bills passing in the state House, Governor Jack Dalrymple now has four of them sitting on his desk waiting for signature (with one constitutional amendment going straight to the ballot for voters). He hasn’t signed any yet, and I think we may see at least one veto.

Democrat Senator Wants To Know Why The Minimum Wage Isn’t $22 Per Hour – Senator Elizabeth Warren’s questioning of an economics professor during a committee hearing on the minimum wage left me slack-jawed in amazement that someone of such a high political and academic stature could be so obtuse when it comes to economics. Senator Warren wanted to know why the minimum wage isn’t at $22.00/hour, but that’s the wrong question to ask. The right question is, what would bread and milk and other staples cost after such a massive inflation in the cost of labor?