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Pathetic Ed Schultz Is the Kremlin’s American Mouthpiece

Pathetic Ed Schultz Is the Kremlin’s American Mouthpiece

Ed Schultz once decried Donald Trump as “a racist.” He describe Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin as having a “nasty” record on human rights and accused him of “crippling” his country. Schultz mocked Republicans for allegedly having a soft spot for “Putie.” But these days things have changed for Schultz, as the Washington Post reports. He

Putin Employee Ed Schultz Flip Flops On Donald Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin loves him some Donald Trump. “He is a bright and talented person without any doubt,” Putin has said, adding that Trump is “an outstanding and talented personality.” That’s certainly disconcerting. All the more so because Putin’s media puppets, among them former Fargo talk radio host and MSNBC ranter Ed Schultz, have taken up

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Ed Schultz Super PAC Crashes, Burns With Only $25 In Contributions

Last year Ed Schultz started the Americans for a Strong Middle Class Super PAC. “I feel like I am perfectly positioned with my national platform, with my name and visibility and credibility with the middle class, to be the person to head up this super PAC,” he told  told the Fargo Forum. “We are a 527; we

Ed Schultz Losing His MSNBC Show?

Ed Schultz’s career has long interested North Dakotans given that he got his start on Fargo radio, and I suspect there will be some schadenfreude felt in this Republican state if this rumor turns out to be true: A well-placed source tells me MSNBC will announce today major changes to its afternoon lineup…arguably the most

Desperate For Momentum Against Kevin Cramer, Democrats Call In Ed Schultz

It’s pretty clear at this point, less than two months from election day, that Democrats need to light a fire in North Dakota’s House race or else incumbent Kevin Cramer will be elected handily to another term. So far their candidate, George Sinner, is running a listless campaign. Sinner got into the race months too

Was Ed Schultz Drunk Tweeting?

I’m not a fan of cable news. There are a couple of personalities I like – I tune in to Neil Cavuto if I’m around a television when he’s on – but other than that, cable news strikes me as the lowest common denominator in American politics. It’s shallow and manipulative. Mostly paid political professionals

Ed Schultz Going Off The Air

I’m getting a lot of celebratory emails from my conservative readers today on the news that Ed Schultz is ending his nationally-syndicated three hour radio show, opting instead to do a one hour a day show strictly on the internet in addition to his daily MSNBC show. Mediate has more: The move from radio to