I’m not a fan of cable news. There are a couple of personalities I like – I tune in to Neil Cavuto if I’m around a television when he’s on – but other than that, cable news strikes me as the lowest common denominator in American politics. It’s shallow and manipulative. Mostly paid political professionals – many of whom are really just playing characters in a never-ending soap opera – shouting at one another.

And Ed Schultz is the worst of the worst. Not because he’s liberal, but because he’s emblematic of the bombast-masquerading-as-analysis problem in cable news. Schultz doesn’t win arguments with facts and logic. He wins (or thinks he does anyway) by shouting the loudest.

Plus, Schultz just isn’t a nice guy. He’s a boor. A bully. Case in point, his late night (and drunken?) Twitter messages to a Blaze reporter mocking Glenn Beck for being a recovering alcoholic and a Mormon.


You can read the whole, sorry story about how Schultz came to be ranting at someone via Twitter direct message at 1:30 in the morning right here.