SAB's Top Five From The Week That Was, Open Thread


Here are the top five most read posts on SAB from the last week. Open thread down in the comments.

Spirit Lake Whistle Blower Says “Kudos” To Cramer For Alleged Tirade – Reports about an alleged “tirade” by Rep. Kevin Cramer aimed at tribal officials has made plenty of headlines in the state, but the other side of the story hasn’t really been told. Which is no doubt why former Spirit Lake tribal social worker Betty Krenz, who has blown the whistle on the tribe’s lax enforcement against those committing crimes of violence against women and children, got a lot of attention here on SAB when she gave Rep. Cramer “kudos” for his comments.

North Dakota’s Editorial Bullies – When I wrote about the increasingly shrill tone coming from North Dakota’s editorial pages I didn’t expect so many people to agree with me. But apparently I’m not the only one who finds the lack of diversity of thought and opinion in the state’s newspapers to be a little aggravating.

ND Abused Women Advocate Disputes Characterization Of Kevin Cramer “Tirade” – Much like Betty Krenz speaking out in favor of Rep. Kevin Cramer, when Valley News Live host Chris Berg read a message from abused women advocate Janelle Moos disputing the characterization of Cramer’s “tirade” it didn’t get a lot of attention in the mainstream media, but here on the blog it did.

Former North Dakota University President Files 48 Page Complaint About State Board Of Higher Education – In yet another chapter of the on-going soap opera in North Dakota’s University System, former Mayville State president Ellen Chaffee filed a complaint against Shirvani and the State Board of Higher Education with the Higher Learning Commission in Chicago. The HLC handles accreditation for the state’s universities, but it’s unclear how willing they will be to wade into an internal political food-fight especially given the somewhat thin nature of the complaints.

Audio: Legislator Accuses Colleagues, Higher Ed Officials Of Plotting To Push Chancellor Shirvani Out – Rep. Bob Skarphol used his committee to uncover a seeming plot among legislators, higher ed officials and higher ed employees to blindside Chancellor Shirvani with accusations and undermine his leadership. Again, another chapter in this saga, but the public seems to be paying attention.