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Five Lawmakers, Including Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate, Miss Roll Call Vote at Special Session

Five Lawmakers, Including Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate, Miss Roll Call Vote at Special Session

The legislature convened for a special session this morning, and five state lawmakers were absent. At least for the attendance votes in the House and Senate chambers. The most notable absence was Rep. Eliot Glassheim who, in addition to representing District 18 in the state House, is currently the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate

Lawsuit Filed Challenging North Dakota's Involvement In Common Core

A group of citizens, and one state lawmaker, have filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of North Dakota’s participation in the Smarter Balanced Consortium, the group charged with implementing Common Core standards in states contracting with it. The group includes Bismarck-based activist Steve Cates, Rep. Bob Skarphol (R-Tioga), Catherine Cartier, and Charles Cartier. “The suit asserts


Lawmaker: Make State Support Of University Foundations Conditional On Audits

Earlier today I wrote about an opinion from Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office which found that the Legislature doesn’t have the authority to order audits for the state’s university foundations. The Legislative Audit And Fiscal Review Committee ordered audits of the foundations in a vote earlier this year. The foundations (specifically the NDSU Development Foundation)

Bills For Balanced Budget, Oil Exports, Pensions And DUI Punishments Filed

Last night a ton of new bills were filed for the 2015 legislative sessions (and some of you were complaining that they weren’t being posted). I’ve written about a couple of the more interesting bills this morning (allowing concealed carry for elected officials on public property, $5,000 given to each child born in ND) but

Legislator: Lack Of NDSU Cooperation On IT Security Contributed To Payroll Breach

Yesterday I broke the news that the North Dakota University System has seen another IT security breach. This time it involved a phishing scam that saw the payroll deposits of university system employees diverted. Tu-Uyen Tran has more details: It happened during the most recent payroll cycle when the employees fell victim to what’s known

North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 1 and 2 Williston and Williams, Burke, and Divide County Area Guide

This post is the last of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 1 and 2 Click on a District number above for

There Appears To Be A House Cleaning Underway In The University System

Fresh off the news of North Dakota University System auditor Bill Eggert resigning comes news that the University of North Dakota’s Chief Information Officer Joshua Riedy has also resigned. UND’s Chief Information Officer has turned in his resignation. Joshua Riedy is leaving the university for a new position at a school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Riedy

House Backtracks On Prohibiting Committee Video, But Removes Funding For The Project

In was one step forward and two steps back in the House today on the issue of transparency. Last week the House approved a version of the legislature’s budget which specifically prohibited the creation of an online video streaming/archiving system for legislative committee hearings. The state has – brand new to this session – an

Forum Editorial Board Calls For Chancellor, Higher Ed Board President To Resign

In an editorial that contradicts their own scathing report about the machinations among the state’s university presidents to push Chancellor Hamid Shirvani out of his job, the Fargo Forum calls for the resignations of both Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and State Board of Higher Education President Duaine Espegard. Hamid Shirvani’s brief tenure as North Dakota’s chancellor

On Fourth Try, North Dakota House Finally Approves Anti-Smoking Agency Budget

Yesterday the House killed the budget for North Dakota’s anti-tobacco agency for the third time, but today yet another reconsideration won a majority. After House Majority Leader Al Carlson reportedly told his caucus that he expected a majority vote for it today, it passed on a 68 to 23 vote. According to the North Dakota