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Why Do We Have a Double Standard for Diversity in Education?

Why Do We Have a Double Standard for Diversity in Education?

Over the weekend my colleague Helmut Schmidt published an article about the lack of gender diversity in leadership positions in our schools in this region. But what caught my eye was that another lack of diversity was, while mentioned, not identified as a similar sort of problem: About 72 percent of all K-12 educators are

Diversity for Diversity’s Sake Is a Stupid Idea

A couple of recent submissions to our state’s newspapers have me thinking about diversity. First this Grand Forks Herald op/ed from attorney Tim Lamb, a former member of that community’s School Board, which suggests that North Dakotans ought to elect more Democrats for the sake of diversity. “I believe a two-party system not only gives voters a choice,


We Ought To Fire The Campus Diversity Personnel

At the University of North Dakota campus personnel are preparing for the new year by outlining their initiatives and goals. “Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Sandra Mitchell said her office is focusing on campus climate,” reports Grand Forks Herald reporter Anna Burleson. “This includes looking at creating a strategic plan for diversity, a climate

"A Sprinkling Of Minorities Floating In A Sea Of Young White People"

The yearly gathering of left-wing activists called Netroots Nation is on, but according to one of the attendees who writes for LA Progressive the event was a little too white despite a mandate from organizers that panels be diverse. That’s right. Mandated diversity. Although Netroots touts itself as being an incubator for ideas that challenge

Supreme Court Vacates Lower Courts Ruling Upholding Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court’s decision today on an affirmative action case out of Texas doesn’t change much. The lower courts had granted the university summary judgment, but the Supreme Court today vacated the lower court decision ruling that the court did not apply a strict enough standard to the case which is now remanded back to

Valedictorian Has His Mic Cut Off After Mentioning Religion In Commencement Speech

A similar story about a valedictorian at a South Carolina high school ripping up his speech and delivering the Lord’s Prayer, in defiance of school policy, got a lot of reaction on the reader blogs. Today comes another story about a valedictorian in Texas who got his mic cut off after he diverged from his

Video: Protesters Say They Must Defend Freedom Of Speech By Blocking Koch Brothers Newspaper Purchase

The folks at Reason went down to an anti-Koch brothers protest at the LA Times headquarters and interviewed some of the protesters there about why they’re, well, protesting. It’s humorous to watch. One protester says she’s opposing the Koch brothers because America needs to be more “open minded.” No, really. She wants to block the

Democrats Threaten The LA Times Over Potential Koch Brothers Sale

The LA Times and several other publications all owned by the Tribune Company may be bought by the Koch brothers, the libertarian/conservative billionaires who have become bêtes noires for the left. So, naturally, everybody is freaking out. Because it’s ok when liberals/progressives own mainstream media outlets, but not anyone from the right. Anyway, now the

Movie Review: How Capitalism Ended Racial Segregation In Baseball

Last night my wife and I went to see 42, the Jackie Robinson story. It was an enjoyable enough movie (as they said in Moneyball , it’s hard not to be romantic about baseball), though the story was more fairy tale than reality. But what do you expect when a movie about real people doing