SAB's Top Five From The Last Week, Open Thread


Here are the top five posts by page views from the week that was:

What The Fargo Forum Thinks Of Western North Dakotans – An editorial cartoon published by the Fargo Forum, which in general has a down-the-nose editorial stance when it comes to the western part of the state, seemed to depict western North Dakotans as drunken, crabby rubes. The artiest, however, stopped by in the blog comments and explained that the depiction wasn’t intended as an insult to westerners.

Things Not Going Great For Ed Schultz – It wasn’t a great week for Ed Schultz. First he lost his prime time slot on MSNBC, getting shifted instead to a weekend time slot the network usually fills with documentary reruns, and then he tried to claim that it was all his idea and that he totally wasn’t being pushed out the door or anything. This despite Schultz’s long history of blowups with his bosses at the hint that he might not be getting the same level of promotion as the network’s other personalities. Unfortunately for “Big Eddie,” nobody is buying it. Meanwhile, the rankings for his radio show also took a slip according to Talker’s Magazine.

Video: After Democrat Storms Off Floor, ND Senate Passes Two Pro-Life Bills – The North Dakota Senate passed the toughest anti-abortion laws in the nation yesterday, and not without some grade school drama from Demcorats. State Senator Connie Triplett made a speech against one of the bills passed before storming off the floor and refusing to return, leaving her Democrat colleagues to sheepishly apologize for her behavior.

Open Meetings Accusations Against Shirvani Are A Distraction – Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and the State Board of Higher Education were cleared of wrong-doing by a university system lawyer this week, but while the state Attorney General may still find some violation, the accusations themselves seem to be more about political pot-stirring in pursuit of pushing Shirvani out.

Republican State Legislator Applauds Obamacare In Washington DC – State Rep. George Keiser, a Bismarck Republican who has pushed hard to implement Obamacare here in the state, was off in Washington DC applauding the law which his party is dedicated to repealing and most North Dakotans oppose.