Ralph Kingsbury Column: On Anonymous Comments And Other Things


Every week I will read or hear some story that I want to comment on. However, while often my columns are longer than what Rob wants them to be often the stories such as  I mention here are well worth a comment, but there is not enough to write a column.

So, that’s what this column is, several subjects well deserving of a comment, or two, or maybe more, but not of a whole column. It will not include a complete analysis, but you will understand where I stand on the issue:

First: Recently North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer reported that legislation he co-sponsored that if signed into law will prevent the IRS from targeting organizations or individuals. If you don’t think that happens there is a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.

There is nothing more outrageous about things our governments (state and federal, and even local) than this, and this is a fact. As for me, if there is an issue deserving of public flogging this is it.

Second: There should be a law. Even on issues with which I agree with you, there should be a law that prohibits anyone from commenting on anything in print or verbally without identifying yourself with your given name. Your real name. If you are not proud enough of what you have to say without standing by your good name it isn’t a good comment. So I think.

Third: The North Dakota University System’s computer system was a disaster waiting to happen. My readers know how often I defend North Dakota employees, but unless there were substantial and significant changes in the people running that part of the higher education employee system since I was on the BHE I wouldn’t have wanted those people to be in charge of my first name.

Fourth: If the people in charge of the interim study reports want to give an out of state firm an opportunity to study anything they should have them study the implementation of government infrastructure. How fast can roads be built in ND? What is the most important to do first. Most of all, what mistakes have already been made by local governments in ND oil counties? They have yelled and screamed about getting more of the oil money, and I have written that maybe they should. However, I would also like to know what kind of a job they are doing.

Fifth: Is it always a mistake to swim against the tide when introducing and passing social legislation? Will it mostly be defeated, again and again? Forever? If it ever is passed will it always be struck down by the courts again and again? Forever?

I mean, will things ever change? Just ask Martin Luther King? Just ask those who wanted abortions? Just ask…? Just ask President Obama about ObamaCare, I think? Don’t give up.

Sixth: What if you want to belittle our military. You know that beginning with the First Gulf War through the Iraq War anything we threw at them they accomplished, often with less equipment and fewer personnel than they should have had. What an army. What a bunch of heroes.

So, how to belittle them if you are anti-military- I know, cut the authorized personnel when the world is a dangerous place. Don’t give new and updated equipment. Remember how Gen Powell insisted on overwhelming force in the first Gulf War. The President, a WWII combat veteran who bailed into the Pacific Ocean when his plane was shot down gave it to him. The war lasted 100 hours.

Then a few years later we sent them to Mogadishu. Black Hawk Down wasn’t supposed to be a movie script. Today, well, just review how they have been treated the past six years.

Seventh: Senator Feinstein is upset. The CIA, she charges, has been spying on members of the U.S. Senate. Go back to some of her earlier comments. She defended spying on you and me, Joe and Jane Citizen, but when it comes to the elite, look out CIA.

Eighth to infinity: There are many other subjects worthy of comments, but not enough room here. Let’s see how this column is received, and we may do more. What are your subjects and outrages?