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Ralph Kingsbury: The Three Dakotas

Ralph Kingsbury: The Three Dakotas

No, not North and South Dakota and some other place we have forgotten about. I am thinking only of North Dakota. Of course it is happening throughout the Great Plains, or as I call them, the northern plains. There is some variation because there are differences among the states. I call it The Three Dakotas

Ralph Kingsbury: Shorts Again

Not so long ago I did a column that was about a series of subjects not necessarily related to one another. They were subjects I thought worthy of comment, but I also thought none of them were worthy of individual columns. It seemed to be well received, so, too this week. Here goes: I think

Ralph Kingsbury: With Higher Ed, Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water

Remember when Bruce Gjovig won the national award from the conservative organization. A disappointing number of those who frequently write in with comments about what is wrong with higher education said you had never heard of him. I have spent a great deal of my life hearing from those from western North Dakota how the

Ralph Kingsbury: I Was Right

I was right. Well, kind of right. When in a recent column I said the times had changed I confess I expected a different reaction.  I think it is accurate to say all of the readers agreed that the times had changed, but only half agreed the times had changed as I wrote they had. For