Shocker: Fargo School Board Not Exactly Advertising Open Positions


After Fargo voters shot down a measure that would have allowed their school district to exceed the state’s property tax mills cap, school board members took to social and regular media to castigate voters. Board member Paul Meyers has been particularly outspoken, as you can see in this gratingly arrogant interview he gave to Chris Berg and his angry call-in to me while I was guest hosting the Jay Thomas Show last week.

Given that the vote itself illustrates an electorate that’s lost trust in their school board, and given the arrogant behavior of school board members themselves, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the board isn’t exactly advertising the fact that they have five spots up for re-election this year.

I just got this from  a Jay Thomas listener:

I see that there are five positions open for the Fargo School Board. The deadline to file if one wants to run is April 7. …

I have not seen any Forum reports on this filing deadline. The Fargo District is not actively promoting this filing deadline in the press …

I hope some fiscally responsible Fargoans will jump in and run, but I’m guessing no one knows of these openings. The District did put a tiny notice in the legal section of the Forum on March 8, but who reads that?

Fargo friends tell me that normally these positions are well-advertised. Maybe now that there’s evidence of real push-back against the board, they aren’t quite so willing to put the information out there.

April 7th is just two weeks away. Those in Fargo who might want to take some of these incumbents on need to get moving.

Here’s more information about running from the school district website, including which members are up.