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Fargo School District Which Denied Yearbook Photo Featuring Gun Also Has Mural Featuring Guns

Fargo School District Which Denied Yearbook Photo Featuring Gun Also Has Mural Featuring Guns

For those of you who haven’t been following along, there’s been a battle raging at Fargo North¬†High School over a yearbook photo submitted by senior Josh Renville featuring himself holding a gun in front of the American flag (see to the right). The school disallowed the photo, and Josh’s father went to war (listen to

Audio: Pro-Life Advocates Describe Their Beef With Fargo Public Schools

Yesterday news broke indicating that students and a pro-life group they belong to were seeking possible litigation against Fargo Public Schools for disallowing the creation of pro-life groups in two of the district’s schools. Today while guest hosting for Mike Kapel on WDAY AM970 in Fargo I had on Jocelyn Floyd from the Thomas Moore

Health Gestapo Takes Aim At Fargo Culinary Students

At Fargo Davies High School in Fargo the students have a top-notch culinary class which runs, on a limited scale, a restaurant for students and the public. They were just profiled in the Fargo Forum, as a matter of fact. But recently these students learned that they were going to have to curtail their cooking excellence.

Fargo School District To Spend Taxpayer Dollars Fighting School Choice, Protecting Common Core

Over at Watchdog I have an article up today about the Fargo Public School District (yes, the people who threatened to lower education quality after voters shot down property tax levy measure) vowing to lobby against school choice legislation and to protect Common Core. I’ve written pretty extensively about how ugly the Common Core issue

Shocker: Fargo School Board Not Exactly Advertising Open Positions

After Fargo voters shot down a measure that would have allowed their school district to exceed the state’s property tax mills cap, school board members took to social and regular media to castigate voters. Board member Paul Meyers has been particularly outspoken, as you can see in this gratingly arrogant interview he gave to Chris

Fargo School Board To Public: Give Us What We Want Or We'll Take It Out On Your Kids

American trust of all levels of government has declined over the last decade. And while local governments haven’t fared quite as bad as Washington DC, there’s no question that trust is down from where it was according to the Pew Foundation. If you need a case-in-point for why that trust is down, look no further

Television Station Agrees Not To Mention School Security Story After They're Threatened With Prosecution

Late last year television station Valley News Live (full disclosure: I appear on their station frequently and have been paid to guest host) stirred controversy with an act of journalism that involved one of their reporters walking into Fargo/Moorhead area schools to test security. Reporter Mellaney Moore wanted to see how far she could get