Tyler Anderson: Why I'm Running For Fargo School Board



My name is Tyler Anderson, and I am running for a seat on the Fargo School Board. I’m excited to take this opportunity to give back to the community, and to ensure that our students, and our schools, are given the resources needed for success.

First off, a little about me:

Currently, I work at Eide Bailly in the role of Project Manager. I’m truly blessed to work for a company that is a true bedrock of the community and is supportive of community and civil service.

While I currently manage projects, I also have a background in education. My undergraduate degree from NDSU is a BS in Secondary Education and I spent a few years in the West Fargo School District as a substitute teacher. I also graduated with a MS in Sociology from NDSU during this time.

Lastly, I am a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan with more than 11 years of service in the Army. I am currently still active in the Army reserves. (12th Battalion 104th Training Regiment)

So what drove me to pursue this course of action? I believe that the current board has drifted away from what should be their top priority; finding the appropriate targets for funding in order to ensure a high quality, and successful education for our students, without budget busting items of little value.

I also believe that, in order to run for an important post such as this that one has to run on more than just one issue alone. The following are additional core items of my platform:


  1. Pursuing a more full integration of technology into our classrooms, in order to help improve the quality of education; as well as give the students a more meaningful medium between them and their teachers.
  2. Improve communication between the School Board and the public. One of the bigger failings of the current board, in my opinion, was their mismanagement and miscommunication of its ideas and goals for the future. Perceived failings of historical policy, right or wrong, did much to damage the ability of the current board to be effective in their job. New ideas (and their budget) must be brought to the public’s attention in a timely, and transparent manner.
  3. Teacher Pay. There are many ideas on how to address the shortcomings with the current model. As one of the centerpieces of my term in office, I will make sure this gets a full accounting from all sides of the issue, in order to give teachers, and indirectly their students, a fair shake.


I have created a campaign site on Facebook and am looking for your support! Please check it out, “Like” it, and pass the word on to your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Again, thank you for your support, and help me spread the word!