Question of the Week: It's Almost Halftime, How Has the Legislature Been Playing?


This week marks the “two minute warning” before the end of the first half of play in the 63rd Legislative Assembly. Friday, March 1st marks crossover, when all bills introduced in one chamber of the Legislature must either be voted down or, if approved, be given to the other chamber. The Legislators will then retire to their districts for an extended weekend off, and start the second half of the session on Wednesday, March 6th.

At least that is how the legislative deadlines calendar reads. Whether they end up following that calendar all depends on how successful the Legislative Assembly is at getting the bills on their respective chamber’s plate an up or down vote before Friday.

We also have until Tuesday, Feb 26th, to see what remaining Concurrent Resolutions are yet to come. They are on a slightly different schedule, with committee recommendations due from each respective chamber by Friday, March 8th. From what I have been hearing, there may be a few interesting ones ahead this week.

With that in mind, we are pretty much at halftime no matter if you feel the session has been dragging or seems to have just started. Similar to halftime in football, we felt no intermission would be complete without a little analysis and punditry on how the first half went. That brings us to our Question of the Week:

With the first half of the 63rd Legislative Assembly wrapping up on Friday, March 1st; what do you think has been their greatest achievement and their greatest disappointment this session, and why?