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North Dakota Lost 27,000 Taxpayers in 2016 and That’s a Really Big Deal

North Dakota Lost 27,000 Taxpayers in 2016 and That’s a Really Big Deal

According to a report from the Associated Press, in 2016 the State of North Dakota lost some 27,000 taxpayers as reported gross income fell 7.6 percent. That’s per figures from the Office of the Tax Commissioner. Low commodity prices get the blame for North Dakota’s budget woes of late, and to be sure those prices

Nancy Hennen waves to mortorists last week as she joins the Occupy North Dakota action at a demonstration in Grand Forks in 2011. Grand Forks Herald photo by John Stennes.

John Andrist: You Just Can’t Corral the Economy

What kind of system do we have in this country? Some say it’s a republic, some say it’s a democracy. My conclusion is it is a market system. We can modify it, curse its shortcomings, try alter it, or regulate it. But you can’t overcome it. Neither can the rest of the world. Most of

A drilling rig operates on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015, south of Tioga, N.D. In the background is the Missouri River. (Amy Dalrymple/Forum News Service)

David Flynn: Hard Economic Times for Oil Create Opportunities Elsewhere in North Dakota’s Economy

It is a fun time to be an economist with an interest in data, and it has nothing to do with election policies because, as we all know, those have nothing to do with data anyway (zing!). The Bureau of Economic Analysis released its GDP by Metro Area report this week (available here). The first

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David Flynn: Would You Give Up North Dakota's Economic Highs To Avoid The Lows?

A caller to the radio show last week questioned why the North Dakota economic experience seemed is such stark contrast to the Minnesota situation. (She asked this while almost getting hit by a school bus breaking traffic laws.) There are a couple of reasons for this, one pretty easy to explain on the radio, and the

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North Dakota Still Has More Job Openings Than Unemployed People

According to the November job openings report from North Dakota Job Service (see below), the number of job openings listed in the state is down over 21 percent compared to November last year. “Online job openings totaled 15,901 open and available positions in November 2015,” the report states. “Openings were lower by 4.7 percent (-783)