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Publicly Oley Larsen Says He Won’t Resign, but Privately He’s Asking His Fellow Senators for Their Opinion

Publicly Oley Larsen Says He Won’t Resign, but Privately He’s Asking His Fellow Senators for Their Opinion

This morning embattled state Senator Oley Larsen (R-Minot) apologized for falsely claiming that Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a terrorist trained by al Qaeda. He specifically said he was not apologizing to Omar, though, and he also said that he doesn’t intend to resign his position. “I’m willing to own my role in spreading misinformation

North Dakota State Lawmaker Falsely Claims Picture Shows Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar in an Al Qaeda Camp

A Republican state Senator from Minot has shared on Facebook a photo he claims is of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar holding a weapon in an al Qaeda training camp. Here’s the post: The photo is not of Omar. It’s an Associated Press photo of military training camps in Mogadishu. It was taken in 1978. Rep.

Here’s What North Dakota Lawmakers Said They Learned on That Nearly $90,000 Trip to Nashville

Earlier this week I wrote about a group of Republican and Democratic state lawmakers who, along with a group of lobbyists from the state, attended a National Conference of State Legislatures summit in Nashville, Tennessee. The lobbyists on the trip paid for at least one big meal at the Country Music Hall of Fame, which

Audio: Lawmaker Says as Many as 50 Percent of Women Who Work at Legislature Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

With one ugly story after another about sexual harassment and abuse making headlines nationally, in Bismarck lawmakers have begun discussing their own policies on the matter. This week the Legislative Procedure and Arrangements Committee met to discuss the matter. A member of that committee, Rep. Kathy Hogan (D-Fargo), spoke with me on air today and made

North Dakota’s Legislature May Not Be as Conservative as You Think

If you listen to the gibberings of left wing commentators here in North Dakota you might get the idea that our state is run by an group of far-right extremists, but according to legislative ratings recently released by the American Conservative Union that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, North Dakota’s Republican majorities

Audio: Legislative Leader Talks Transparency, Says Dems Shouldn’t Change Even After Election Losses

On my radio show yesterday I had on state Rep. Corey Mock who, earlier this month, was elected as Minorityh Leader for his party’s caucus in the Legislature. I had him on to talk about transparency legislation. Mock has made transparency and ethics a priority during his legislative career and while I think some of his

Video: Gov. Dalrymple Delivers Final Budget Address, Credits Law Enforcement for #NoDAPL Response

In North Dakota state law requires that we convene a session of our Legislature every January in odd-numbered years, just weeks after the election. It also requires that lawmakers hold an organization session in December and that at this session the Governor delivers a budget address. But oddly, when we elect a new governor, the

How About Some Credit for North Dakota’s Legislature?

Recently Time magazine listed the North Dakota Legislature as reason number 86 to love America. The article doesn’t seem to be available online anywhere that I can find. Apparently publishing things in print exclusively is still a thing? Anyway, a friend took a picture of the article and sent it to me (I’m not a Time subscriber)

Democrat Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen Is No "Sensible Centrist"

It seems there’s an effort afoot to rebrand new North Dakota Democrat Chairwoman Kylie Oversen, who is also a state lawmaker from Grand Forks, into a moderate. Indeed, the Fargo Forum editorial board did as much today giving Oversen “prairie roses” for her election as chair, describing her as a “hard-working, sensible centrist.” That’s laughable, and