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North Dakota's Tougher DUI Laws Are Creating Jail Space Problems

During the 2013 session, the North Dakota Legislature made some sweeping changes to the state’s DUI laws. Here’s a summary: The minimum fine for first-time offenders goes from $250 to $500. First-timers with a BAC twice the legal limit – 0.16 percent or greater – will now be guilty of a new aggravated DUI category

Eighteen North Dakota Legislative Candidates Are Using Government Emails For Their Campaigns

Fargo City Commission candidate John Strand (full disclosure: John and I are friendly and have appeared on television together in the past) is now under police investigation for the “crime” of using a digital projector to cast a campaign message on a city water tower. It’s a pretty innovative idea (I got a laugh when I

Democrat Legislative Candidate Is A Former Miss North Dakota

On deadline day North Dakota Democrats scrambled to fill dozens of races for which they didn’t have candidates yet. Even after the deadline, Democrats are leaving 15 legislative races unchallenged, though that’s better than the 25 open races they had a day earlier. I’ve spent some time looking over the candidates Democrats lured into running

Even After Flurry Of Last Minute Filings, North Dakota Democrats Leave 15 Legislative Races Unchallenged

Yesterday at 4:00pm was the deadline for candidates wishing to be on the June primary ballot. As we’ve chronicled here on SAB, North Dakota Democrats have struggled mightily with candidate recruitment. In fact, I took some ribbing from Republican legislators at the recent NDGOP convention who suggested that my posts about the lack of Democrat

On Deadline Day, Democrats Still Have 25 Legislative Races Unfilled

Today is the deadline for the June primary ballot. All candidates wishing to have their candidacy listed with a partisan affiliation must have their paperwork in the Secretary of State’s office by 4:00pm today. I’m told the paperwork must be in the office, and not just postmarked, by 4:00pm. Our most recent update of candidates

North Dakota Legislative Race Update: Republicans Add A Candidate, Dems Still 40 Candidates Short

Our most recently updated list of North Dakota legislative candidates – based on Secretary of State filings and announcements in the media – is below. Yesterday Democrats had just 32 candidates (10 incumbents) for 72 legislative races, leaving 40 races without a candidate. That number is unchanged today. Currently, Democrats have either no candidates, or