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Video: Senators Defeat Bill For Annual Sessions

Video: Senators Defeat Bill For Annual Sessions

Today the Senate defeated SB2247 – introduced by Senator John Grabinger (D-Jamestown) – which would have split the 80 days allowed in the state constitution into two annual sessions. One would consist of 50 days every odd-numbered year. The other would consist of 30 days every even-numbered year. The bill had bi-partisan support, mostly from

LegitSlater: Legislative Scorecard 2015 Primer

While the 64th Legislative Assembly is slated to begin next week, the SAB War Room has been running three shifts daily going through every line of every prefiled bill. Christmas dinners were missed, and personal hygiene was neglected in order to stay on top of all the proposed legislation our elected officials (and more to

North Dakota Has More Money To Spend But Lawmakers Pass Fewer Bills

The North Dakota Legislature meets for no more than eighty days – the maximum the state constitution allows – every odd-numbered year. The most recent session ended in the spring of 2013, and the next session is set to begin next month on January 6th. Already legislation is being pre-filed for consideration during that session,

LegitSlater: Will the Real Republican Legislators Please Stand Up?

If you haven’t yet noticed, the Legislature is back in session in Bismarck. Not a real session, mind you, but rather one where they learn how to actually legislate (or in the case of most, learn how to do it again in case they forgot). This week marks the beginning of the 64th Legislative Assembly

North Dakota's Tougher DUI Laws Are Creating Jail Space Problems

During the 2013 session, the North Dakota Legislature made some sweeping changes to the state’s DUI laws. Here’s a summary: The minimum fine for first-time offenders goes from $250 to $500. First-timers with a BAC twice the legal limit – 0.16 percent or greater – will now be guilty of a new aggravated DUI category

LegitSlater: Astrup Tax Proposal is Repackaged Class Envy

If there is one thing you can count on about politics, it is that you really can’t count on anything. The nature of the beast is that it is predictably unpredictable. That is both good and bad (sometimes all at the same time), but no matter what things always have potential to get interesting. Case

How Tone Deaf is the Interim Chancellor Anyways?

Tone Deaf. Out of Touch. Pick your favorite, or propose your own. Either way, it will be an accurate description of Interim North Dakota University System (NDUS) Chancellor Dr. Larry Skogen’s proposal to give a $13,000 pay raise to North Dakota State University (NDSU) President Dr. Dean Bresciani; only one week after audio recordings were released (and

Governor Dalrymple Got It Right on Fargo Diversion

Governor Jack Dalrymple got it right when he said “we will match state dollars with federal and local cost shares.” The governor was speaking of what the state was willing to do to support the proposed Fargo Diversion project. Dalrymple was pulled into the most recent fray between the Diversion Authority (DA) and the State

Eighteen North Dakota Legislative Candidates Are Using Government Emails For Their Campaigns

Fargo City Commission candidate John Strand (full disclosure: John and I are friendly and have appeared on television together in the past) is now under police investigation for the “crime” of using a digital projector to cast a campaign message on a city water tower. It’s a pretty innovative idea (I got a laugh when I

Democrat Legislative Candidate Is A Former Miss North Dakota

On deadline day North Dakota Democrats scrambled to fill dozens of races for which they didn’t have candidates yet. Even after the deadline, Democrats are leaving 15 legislative races unchallenged, though that’s better than the 25 open races they had a day earlier. I’ve spent some time looking over the candidates Democrats lured into running