Pro-Abortion Republican Misses Yet Another Abortion Vote


Rep. Kathy Hawken, nominally a Republican, became the face of the opposition to several pro-life bills which passed in the legislature earlier this session. She became a convenient voice for the pro-abortion folks given her partisan affiliation. A pro-choice Republican fit their narrative nicely.

But the problem with Rep. Hawken is that she seems to have a problem actually showing up for abortion votes. Rep. Hawken missed several votes on abortion bills she vocally opposed in the media earlier this session, choosing to take a vacation to Las Vegas instead.

Today legislative sources alerted me to the fact that, even as the House voted on more abortion legislation, Rep. Hawken has again gone missing.

The House voted on the Senate-amended version of SB2368, which would ban abortion after 20 weeks, but Rep. Hawken wasn’t even in the chamber.

According to legislative sources, she is currently out-of-state at a wedding.

The abortion issue is a divisive one, but one area of common ground between the two sides of the issue may be that legislators who grandstand on the issue ought to show up to actually vote on the legislation pertaining to that issue.

Heck, just from the perspective of desiring good public service from our elected leaders, Rep. Hawken ought to think about showing up for work a bit more often.