Print Column: We’re Probably Going to See a Lot More Presidents Impeached After the Trump Era


MINOT, N.D. — Only two United States Presidents have ever been impeached.

The House of Representatives impeached Democratic President Andrew Johnson in 1868 amid a squabble over the cabinet in the wake of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

About 130 years later the House impeached Democratic President Bill Clinton for lying under oath and obstructing justice during the investigation of the Monica Lewinsky affair.

The Senate convicted neither man.

Yes, both of them were Democrats. Before anyone on the right begins crowing about that, remember Republican President Richard Nixon was headed to impeachment, yes, but resigned before the ball could get rolling.

Also, Republican Warren Harding was likely saved from impeachment by death. The scandals uncovered once he was in the ground were certainly worthy of it.

Anyway, that’s the total of Congress’ exercise of its impeachment powers in the first 243 years of our nation.

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