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Print Column: We’re Probably Going to See a Lot More Presidents Impeached After the Trump Era

Print Column: We’re Probably Going to See a Lot More Presidents Impeached After the Trump Era

MINOT, N.D. — Only two United States Presidents have ever been impeached. The House of Representatives impeached Democratic President Andrew Johnson in 1868 amid a squabble over the cabinet in the wake of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. About 130 years later the House impeached Democratic President Bill Clinton for lying under oath and obstructing justice during the investigation of

President Donald Trump speaks during a 2018 rally in Duluth, Minn. Forum News Service file photo

As Democrats Pursue Impeachment They Should Promise to Let Trump Run for Re-Election

I don’t think the House of Representatives is actually going to impeach President Trump. I could be wrong, but as we approach another election year, I suspect certain political realities are going to set in. Impeachment isn’t nearly as popular with the broader electorate as it is among Democrats even amid the revelations about Trump’s

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-N.D.) listens to Michael Cohen testify before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Feb. 27, 2019. (T.J. Kirkpatrick/Copyright 2019 The New York Times)

Plain Talk: Congressman Armstrong Says He “Can’t Tell You How Much Time” Democrats Have “Wasted” on Impeachment

“I can’t tell you how much time we’ve wasted on this.” That’s what Congressman Kelly Armstrong had to say of the latest push from Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump. He said the current controversy, with accusations that Trump pursued an untoward arrangement with the leader of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden

President Donald Trump speaks with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a news conference in the East Room at the White House on Friday, Sept. 20. Washington Post photo by Jabin Botsford

Democrats Would Have More Credibility on Impeachment if They Hadn’t Been Crying Wolf Since Trump’s Inauguration

The Trump administration today released a transcript of a call between the President and the leader of Ukraine. A whistleblower had previously suggested that Trump tried to hustle a quid pro quo deal with Ukraine, with the quid being U.S. foreign aid and the quo being a Ukranian investigation into alleged corruption perpetrated by Hunter

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

When Do You Plan On Governing, Governor Dalrymple?

We all know that North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple is a lead-from-behind sort of leader. He doesn’t like to be out in front on issues. Reticence was a feature of former Governor John Hoeven’s time in office, and Dalrymple has carried on the tradition into his own term of government. Dalrymple, like Hoeven, prefers to