Plain Talk: “We’ll Be a Mining Superpower”


On this episode of Plain Talk Stephen Moore, an economic advisor to President Donald Trump, talks about the need for the United States to develop its domestic supplies of resources like uranium.

In a recent column Moore wrote that “more than 99 percent of US uranium requirements are now imported” and “more than 40 percent of the total US uranium imports originate from a potentially adversarial trading bloc – Russian and two of its former satellites, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.”

Resources like uranium, as well as tin and copper and other metals, are important for emerging industries in the United States. Electric vehicles, as one example. Moore says if the United States allows those resources to be developed, despite the protests from the same left-wing activists who oppose oil and coal development, the U.S. could become a “mining superpower.” The availability of those resources domestically could even help make us more secure, in much the same way domestic oil production has made middle eastern politics less fraught for our country.

North Dakota does have uranium resources, though historically the economics of mining them haven’t been very favorable.

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