President Gets His March Madness Bracket In On Time, But Budget Will Be Two Month Late



President Barack Obama is picking Florida, Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State to reach the Final Four.

President Obama filled out an NCAA tournament bracket for ESPN for the fifth straight year. On the women’s side, he selected Baylor, California, UConn and Notre Dame to advance to New Orleans.

ESPN will reveal his full men’s and women’s brackets Wednesday morning.

You know what the sad thing is? Political junkies and wonks (including myself, obviously) will gripe about President Obama’s poor priorities. And we’re right, of course, but there are a lot of low information voters out there who see the President submitting his tournament brackets – just like them – and think about what a swell guy he is.

And then they support him politically. Not because they know all that much about his policies or their impact on our country, but because they like him.

Which is a phenomena illustrated in every single poll that has shown low approval numbers for specific policies pushed by President Obama but much higher approval ratings for the President himself.

Republicans are losing to President Obama in the public policy arena because he’s kicking their asses in the cultural arena.