Man Gets Visit From Cops, Social Services After Posting Picture Of His Son With A Gun


When I was six years old my father, a war veteran and at the time an Alaska State Trooper, introduced me to my first gun. It was single-shot, bolt-action Winchester .22 and I used it to plink soda cans and small targets. To this day, I remember the stern warnings my father gave me before we started to have fun. I was told how to hold it. How to check to see if it was loaded. I was told never to handle a gun that I hadn’t checked myself.

After the stern instruction, we started to have fun and I have pictures of myself at that age shooting my first gun. My father took them. If social networking had been around, he might have posted them on Facebook.

Today, doing such a thing might have earned my father a visit from social services. It certainly did for this father:

It’s almost as if some in our government want to make the act of owning a gun some nefarious thing. Like porn. Technically legal, but inherently shameful.

This is what we need to fight back against. Owning a gun is not a crime, and it’s not something to be ashamed of.