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You Can’t Write Sad, Sad Stories About Women’s Hockey at UND Without Talking About the Money

You Can’t Write Sad, Sad Stories About Women’s Hockey at UND Without Talking About the Money

The New York Times recently published a story about the end of the women’s hockey program at the University of North Dakota. It was published in the Times on the 10th, and has been republished here in North Dakota by my employers at Forum Communications today. The story aims to evoke sympathy over the demise

UND Axes Varsity Men's Baseball, Golf Teams To Address Budget Shortfall

The University of North Dakota, currently under the interim leadership of former Governor Ed Schafer, has announced that they’re axing the varsity men’s baseball and golf teams to address a $9.4 million budget shortfall. You can read the full press release below. I’m glad to see that athletics is on the chopping block at UND.

And Here You Thought The Supposedly Offensive "Fighting Sioux" Nickname Was Gone For Good

After a decades-long brawl over the NCAA’s decision to ban the University of North Dakota’s “Fighting Sioux” nickname and logo – a fight which made its way through the courts and the Legislature and the ballot box – the school has a new nickname. The “Fighting Hawks,” specifically, and it’s not terribly popular with the

North Dakota State To Pay Athletes Even As Students Pay More To Subsidize Athletics

Big news out today is that North Dakota State University, in accordance with new NCAA guidelines, will begin paying some student athletes in the 2016-2017 school year. “The school will offer full cost of attendance to all of its scholarship athletes beginning in the 2016-17 season, a move that is expected to raise eyebrows across

Grants Intended Exclusively For Academics Used For Athletic Scholarships

During the 2013 session of the Legislature the state created, with HB1204, what is called the Challenge Grants fund. That fund had a $29 million appropriation which would be used to match private donations to the state’s universities. For ever $2 in private dollars raised the universities get $1 in public dollars. The idea was

Maybe NDSU Could Keep Its Buildings In Repair If It Wasn't Subsidizing Athletics Programs

Lately our university system, which a larger increase in  appropriations than any other system of public universities in the country, has been bemoaning the condition of their buildings. As the payroll for our universities has bloated with administrative hiring and university presidents live like pharaohs (the president of NDSU literally has a chauffeur/bodyguard and lives in the

LegitSlater: No Name Is Best Way To "Move On"

The fight over the Fighting Sioux name and logo is one that has gone on for some time. As you may recall, it really began in earnest when the NCAA inserted itself into what was (and many still feel is) a North Dakota matter almost a decade ago, deeming the name Fighting Sioux and it’s

Enjoy The Football Season NDSU Fans, It's Costing Taxpayers And Students A Lot

With fall comes the beginning of the collegiate sports season. At least, the season for the most popular collegiate sports in North Dakota. Hockey and football are kicking off at the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State, respectively, and eager fans are filling up social media with excited posting. As usual, what’s not