Podcast: Responding to Heitkamp, Boschee Talks Voter ID, Eberhart Talks Oil Prices


Secretary of State candidate Josh Boschee joined me on the radio show today.

Recently Senator Heidi Heitkamp claimed that North Dakota’s Legislature passed voter ID laws to “clearly target” college students and Native Americans, a claim she hadn’t made prior to her re-election year. Since Boschee is running for a job that has among its duties presiding over the state’s elections, I asked him about her comments.

“Whether it’s to target students or Native Americans, I’m not sure,” he told me, though he said that passing ID laws without evidence of voter fraud lends itself to the idea that they were motivated by something other than election integrity.

I also spoke to Boschee about the big fundraising advantage he enjoys over his Republican challenger Will Gardner. According to his pre-primary disclosure report, Boschee has raised over $80,000 for his campaign. Gardner raised less than $8,000.

Also Dan Eberhart, CEO of Canary Oilfield Services, was on to talk about oil prices and the U.S. Senate race.

I also responded to recent comments about Senator Heitkamp’s brother.

Here’s the full audio of today’s show. If you can’t listen live, get the podcast.

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