Podcast: Democratic Ag Commisioner Candidate Praises Republican Incumbent: “He’s Been Pretty Good at His Job”


State Senator Jim Dotzenrod, the Democratic candidate for Agriculture Commissioner this election cycle, joined me on air today and in a surprise twist spent a lot of time praising incumbent Republican Doug Goehring.

“He’s been pretty good at his job,” Dotzenrod told me.

“I suspect he and I feel the same way on some of these issues,” he also said. I had to interrupt Dotzenrod at one point and express how surreal it was to interview someone for elected office who had so much praise for his opponent. Dotzenrod said he feels agriculture should be a bipartisan area of public policy.

He did say he would be “more outspoken” for North Dakota agriculture if elected.

Columnist Mike Jacobs also joined for a rundown of the latest developments on the state’s political scene.

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