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Is Governor Doug Burgum All Vision and No Policy?

Is Governor Doug Burgum All Vision and No Policy?

Governor Doug Burgum is set to deliver a State of the State address in Minot today (a livestream begins here at 10am if you’re interested). It’s not typical for North Dakota governors to deliver such addresses in between legislative sessions (former Governor Ed Schafer as the first and last to do it) or outside of

Attempt to Whitewash Dickinson State’s Diploma Mill Scandal Is Despicable

Recently in his weekly political column my colleague Mike Jacobs described the political situation around funding for Dickinson State University like this: DSU faced an existential threat this session. The reasons are tied to a scheme that enrolled Chinese students and granted them degrees without requiring anything other than money from them. This is best

NDSU photo of President Dean Bresciani

A Reminder That Dean Bresciani’s Problems Go Beyond Some Ill-Advised Text Messages

NDSU President Dean Bresciani has come under an unprecedented level of fire after I broke a story last week using text messages which showed that he lied about his position on controversial media restrictions for covering university athletics events. That story prompted the Fargo Forum editorial board to call for Bresciani’s resignation. Which was a big

Photo taken May 5, 2016, at Streeter, N.D. (Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates)

North Dakota's Corporate Farming Ban Hasn't Protected Family Farms

“It didn’t work, folks.” That’s what former Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs writes in his column today of North Dakota’s corporate farming ban. Last year the Legislature passed a small reform to the ban to allow the ownership or leasing of up to 640 acres of land for the operation of a dairy farm or swine

North Dakota gubernatorial candidate Wayne Stenehjem, from left, debates Doug Burgum and Paul Sorum at the North Dakota Newspaper Association convention Saturday, May 7, 2016, in Crosby. Michael Vosburg / Forum News Service

Stenehjem Needs To Get Off This "11th Commandment" Thing

If you missed the fact that there was a gubernatorial debate over the weekend in Crosby, hosted by the North Dakota Newspaper Association, you weren’t alone. The event wasn’t very well publicized, nor was it made available in the form of an online or television feed. Leave it to newspaper people to prioritize their access

The North Dakota House of Representatives sits empty. (FNS Photo by Mike Nowatzki)

Revising History: North Dakota Democrats Should Stop Blaming Their Plight On Republican Cheating

With North Dakota Democrats in utter disarray – don’t take my word for it, that’s what liberal columnist Lloyd Omdahl writes in his column today – there seems to be a narrative developing among the state’s leftists which blames the party’s malaise on Republican cheating. Back in February it was liberal columnist Mike Jacobs who

doug burgum

Can Democrats Put Doug Burgum Over The Top In An Open Republican Primary?

Back in January, shortly after Doug Burgum announced his campaign for governor, I wrote that years of incompetence by North Dakota Democrats might actually be a boon for him. North Dakota has no voter registration and a wide open primary ballot. Democrats can vote for Republican candidates, and with Democrats unlikely to field competitive nomination

Republicans Did Not "Stack The Deck" In North Dakota

I think North Dakota Democrats are a thoroughly marginalized political movement because they’ve moved themselves outside of the acceptable ideological window of most voters in the state. In the Grand Forks Herald today Mike Jacobs takes exception with that thesis. “The easy answer is that ideology did in the Democrats. Conservative blogger Rob Port recently denounced

ed schafer

A Poor Commentary On The State Of Tolerance At The University Of North Dakota

In today’s Grand Forks Herald Mike Jacobs writes that former Governor Ed Schafer is an imperfect selection to be the interim president at UND. Jacobs, who does admit that Schafer is probably the best choice for the post, is certainly entitled to his grumbling. What struck me was this passage from his column complaining that Schafer

Counterproductive Government: Paying Farmers Not To Farm Land They Get Subsidies To Farm

Not so long ago a family member of mine was having problems. You see, she was on a lot of prescribed medication, and nothing seemed to be working. It turns out, she was on way too much medication. She started taking one prescription to treat a specific malady, but when that medication produced side effects