Podcast: Cramer Says He Wants to Focus on Marijuana Policy Immediately, Armstrong Says He’ll “Fight” Trump Impeachment Efforts


“I want to start on that immediately.”

That’s what Senator-elect Kevin Cramer said on my radio show today when asked by a listener if he’d keep a campaign promise to address federal policy with regard to marijuana. Cramer has said consistently that he’d like to move the issue out of the sphere of federal policy and squarely into the domain of the states.

“Schedule 1 is not the place for marijuana,” he said, referring to the federal drug scheduling system.

Congressman-elect Kelly Armstrong was also on the show. I asked him how he was going to handle a new Democratic majority, some factions of which have said they want to impeach President Donald Trump. “I’m going to fight them,” Armstrong said, adding that he hopes “cooler heads prevail.”

Here’s the full audio of today’s show. If you can’t listen live, get the podcast.

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