Podcast: Congressman Cramer Says “I Love the NRA”


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Congressman Kevin Cramer joined me for his weekly open phones segment. Not surprisingly, he got some questions about gun control and the NRA.

“Yeah I actually am,” he said in response to one question about whether or not he’s a member of the NRA. He said he doesn’t own a rifle or a shotgun, but did say “there is a handgun in my house for those of you thinking about robbing me.”

Cramer was asked about how much political money he’s received from the NRA. He estimated it as “a couple of thousand dollars” but said he’d have to check the records. He did note that when he first ran for Congress in 2010 that the NRA didn’t endorse him though he did get a top rating from the group. Rather, they endorsed Rick Berg then his opponent for the NDGOP’s House endorsement.

Cramer said he may not receive the NRA’s endorsement for his recently-launched U.S. Senate campaign, likely because he’s not the incumbent.

I also spoke about the student protests in favor of gun control, Democrat Kylie Oversen announcing a campaign for Tax Commissioner, and the Teamsters cancelling a meeting with Cramer the day he announced his campaign for the Senate.

Here’s the full audio of today’s show:

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