Plain Talk: Trump Says So-Called “Fake News” Is “Dangerous” and “Not Free Speech” but He’s Absolutely Wrong

“I don’t think that the mainstream media is free speech either, because it’s so crooked, it’s so dishonest. So to me, free speech is not when you see something good and then you purposely write bad, to me that’s very dangerous speech, and you become angry at it,” President Donald Trump said at the recent White House Social Media Summit. “But that’s not free speech.”

The press is absolutely flawed, and terribly one-sided politically, and because of that they undermine their own credibility. Which, in turn, undermines their ability to hold the powerful to account. That is dangerous.

Far more dangerous is the leader of the free world suggesting media reporting he doesn’t like might not be free speech.

Also, Congressman Kelly Armstrong takes listener questions about the Mueller testimony before Congress, the Alexa Acosta controversy, and other issues.

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