Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says He Could “Easily See” President Trump Saying He’d Pardon Crimes to Build the Border Wall


A recent report from the Washington Post claims, based on unnamed sources, that President Donald Trump has said he would pardon crimes in order to help build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Asked if this report bothers him, Senator Kevin Cramer said, “It does if I believe it.” But Cramer, alluding to the anonymous sourcing for the story in which he is quoted on the record, says he’s skeptical about the report. “At some point you’d think the Washington Post could name somebody.”

Still, the Senator believes it’s something Trump could have said, albeit in jest. “I could easily see him saying something like that and not meaning it,” Cramer said. “He’s very flippant.”

Cramer also spoke about his recent visit to the U.S./Mexican border. Asked about the conditions he observed for detainees, he said things are fine but crowded. “When there’s 1,800 in a facility designed for a couple of hundred there’s a limit on what border protection can do,” he said.

Cramer said newly-constructed portions of the border wall he said are helping control illegal crossings by “funneling” them toward areas where enforcement is easier. Though he acknowledged that building a wall is just part of the solution to what he has described as a “crisis” at the border.

“The biggest thing Congress can do…is change the policies that attract them in the first place,” he said.

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