Plain Talk: Rep. Armstrong Says Trump Tax Cuts Have Contributed to Short Term Budget Deficits


N.D. state Senator Kelly Armstrong, the Republican candidate running for Rep. Kevin Cramer's vacated seat in Congress, speaks with the Grand Forks Herald editorial board on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Nick Nelson / Grand Forks Herald

“We weren’t good at it when we were in control,” Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) said, in response to a Plain Talk listener question, of controlling budget deficits.

The questioner was specifically asking about President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and their impact on the nation’s budget deficit and national debt. Asked if the Trump tax cuts had contributed to budget deficits Armstrong said, “in the short term, yeah,” adding that he “still believes it’s good policy.”

Armstrong also touted his support for food stamps reform, saying what he’s backing would crack down on states waiving federal guidelines for qualifying for the benefit. “We aren’t penalizing the people who need this to survive,” he said. Rather he’s in favor legislation to “more tightly enforce the way states can grant waivers” which “shouldn’t be controversial.”

He said now is a “good time” for the reform with the nation’s unemployment level low.

Armstrong and Senator Kevin Cramer appear on the Plain Talk podcast every week to respond to your questions. Email them to me at and I’ll ask them during their next segment.

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