Plain Talk: ND Insurance Commissioner Seeks to Address Chaos Obamacare Has Caused in the Individual Marketplace


Absent reform at the federal level, there are only so many things states like North Dakota can do under the strictures of Obamacare to address real problems with access and affordability in the individual insurance market, but North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread is intent on doing what can be done.

His office is touting public comment on a reinsurance program which he said should reduce premiums in an insurance market used by small business owners like ranchers and farmers, not to mention entrepreneurs taking a shot at turning their ideas and talent into real businesses. He shares the details on this episode of Plain Talk.

Also, state Rep. Ruth Buffalo is not disclosing what payments she may have received to travel to and speak at a posh, left-wing rally which (ironically enough) was supposed to be about promoting government transparency.

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