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Socialist State Lawmaker May Be Considering a Challenge to Republican Congressman Kelly Armstrong

Socialist State Lawmaker May Be Considering a Challenge to Republican Congressman Kelly Armstrong

It’s fall in an odd-numbered year, and that means we need to start thinking about who may and may not be running for elected office in this election cycle. I’ll be honest with you, the news on that front is a little slow in North Dakota, owing mostly to the dominance of the NDGOP and

Stop Rewarding Politicians for Just Winning Elections

The North Dakota Women’s Network has announced their “woman of the year” award recipient. It’s state Rep. Ruth Buffalo, who is just months into her tenure in elected office and completed a legislative session in which her accomplishments were, if we’re being generous, quite modest. But the left in North Dakota – which very much

Someone Just Told Me I Can’t Criticize a Politician Because I Don’t Have the Right Skin Color or Gender

Rep. Ruth Buffalo is a Democrat from Fargo who serves in the North Dakota State Assembly. Despite being not even halfway through her first term in office, with just a few relatively modest legislative accomplishments under her belt, left wing activists in the state have sought to elevate her into some sort of a political

Print Column: Don’t Let Politicians Deflect Criticism by Playing Victim

MINOT, N.D. — The idea that President Donald Trump put Rep. Ilhan Omar in danger because he tweeted criticism of her is absurd. And yet, it’s become a talking point for Democrats up to and including certain candidates who would like to replace Trump in the White House. Trump’s criticism of Omar’s remarks about the 9/11 attacks

Plain Talk: State Senator Explains Why She Brought Back Decriminalization of Marijuana

State Senator Kristin Roers (R-Fargo) is a cousin to state Rep. Shannon Roers Jones (R-Fargo). The latter Roers introduced legislation to decriminalize marijuana earlier this session only to see it defeated. That prompted the former Roers to resurrect it by way of floor amendment in the Senate. To give the legislation its “day in court”

Plain Talk: ND Insurance Commissioner Seeks to Address Chaos Obamacare Has Caused in the Individual Marketplace

Absent reform at the federal level, there are only so many things states like North Dakota can do under the strictures of Obamacare to address real problems with access and affordability in the individual insurance market, but North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread is intent on doing what can be done. His office is touting

Democratic State Lawmaker Not Responding to Requests for Information About Attendance at Star-Studded Political Gala in Tennessee

It’s a curious thing to watch how the proponents of Measure 1 – the so called “ethics measure” which seems a lot more about restricting political speech – behave themselves. These preening martinets rail against the influence of deep-pocketed interests in politics, and yet their measure campaign was bankrolled by Hollywood activists and far left

Is North Dakota’s First Openly Gay Lawmaker an Anti-Gay Bigot?

“Bigotry is alive and well in Bismarck,” writes Jim Shaw in his most recent column. “The North Dakota Legislature is standing still while the country goes forward on LGBT rights and protections,” he continues. It’s refreshing to see Shaw take a break from whining in print about former Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s loss in the last

Law Enforcement Found No “Legitimate Threat” to Rep. Ruth Buffalo

Tonight reporter Kim Hyatt published a story about “threats” against state Rep. Ruth Buffalo. “Although leery for her safety after receiving threats this week for showing support for U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, North Dakota Rep. Ruth Buffalo said she’s continuing her work on policies rather than focusing on polarization,” she wrote in the lead paragraph,