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Someone Should Tell the North Dakota Democrats the First Native American Woman to Serve in the Legislature Was a Republican

Someone Should Tell the North Dakota Democrats the First Native American Woman to Serve in the Legislature Was a Republican

After yet another shellacking at the ballot box, North Dakota Democrats are in the middle of their traditional “find the silver lining” exercise. And, as usual, they’re focusing on a couple of victories in legislative races they managed to put up. Victories which do very little to change the ideological makeup of the legislative body,

Democrat Who Got 26 Percent of the Vote Now Telling Us What North Dakotans Want on Flaring Rule

When it comes to hot button issues, such as the effort to unravel the Obama administration’s ridiculous and redundant flaring rule which was dropped three days before President Trump’s inauguration, letters to the editor are usually an exercise in astroturf. On both sides of the issue. Which means they usually aren’t worth commenting on. But

Update: Democratic Insurance Commissioner Candidate Finally Files Her Legally Required Campaign Disclosure

Yesterday I wrote that Democratic Insurance Commissioner candidate Ruth Buffalo hadn’t filed her legally required campaign finance disclosure form despite the fact that it was due on October 7. Buffalo’s campaign manager Danielle Pinnick told me the candidate has been busy with “so many other issues.” Like trolling for random Facebook comments to send out press releases

Statewide Democratic Candidate Ruth Buffalo Is 11 Days Late and Counting With Campaign Disclosure Report

I’ve been on the record for some time now calling for more and better disclosure for campaign finance details. I think the transparency is important for the public, and in this digital age I don’t see any reason why campaigns can’t file more frequent reports – which are submitted online these days in our state

Democratic Insurance Commissioner Candidate Accuses Libertarian Opponent of Insensitive Comments About Rape

Ruth Buffalo, the Democratic candidate for Insurance Commissioner, is calling out her opponent, Libertarian Party candidate Nick Bata, for what she describes as an offensive comment about rape, but Bata says he won’t apologize for the comments. “In a public thread on Facebook, Bata engaged in a discussion about rape, making demeaning and offensive comments

Are North Dakota Democrats Really Supporting Their Native American Candidates?

Mike Jacobs writes about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in his column this week. He notes that the protests illustrate what a political force the tribes have come, at least when it comes to obstructing pipelines, and points out that North Dakota’s Democrats have three Native American candidates on the statewide ballot this cycle. North

Native American Candidates Get Little Financial Support From North Dakota Democrats

Last month the Democratic and Republican candidates for the U.S. House filed their pre-primary fundraising reports, and we learned that Democratic challenger Chase Iron Eyes was way behind Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer in terms of dollars raised. On Friday both candidates filed their July quarterly fundraising reports, and it’s clear that Iron Eyes simply isn’t

Democrats Have Three Native American Candidates For Statewide Office, Two For The Legislature

Here’s an interesting side note which may reveal something about the recruitment efforts of North Dakota Democrats this cycle. Three of the statewide candidates are Native Americans. Chase Iron Eyes of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is already well known to SAB readers. He was endorsed at the party’s state convention earlier this month. [mks_pullquote