Update: Democratic Insurance Commissioner Candidate Finally Files Her Legally Required Campaign Disclosure


Yesterday I wrote that Democratic Insurance Commissioner candidate Ruth Buffalo hadn’t filed her legally required campaign finance disclosure form despite the fact that it was due on October 7.

Buffalo’s campaign manager Danielle Pinnick told me the candidate has been busy with “so many other issues.” Like trolling for random Facebook comments to send out press releases about, maybe.

Anyway, it seems like the campaign was able carve out some time and resolve the problems they said they were having with the Secretary of State’s submission process so that they could comply with the law. The report has been filed, and in it Buffalo discloses $39,184 in contributions.

The bulk of the contributions coming from a $15,000 donation from Maxine Buffalo of Mandaree – a relative, I imagine – and a $7,000 contribution from the Three Affiliated Tribes.

So nothing too exciting. Still, I hope that should Buffalo be elected to this office, she isn’t so cavalier with its legal requirements as she has been with campaign disclosure laws.

On a related note, in yesterday’s post on this matter I noted that every other statewide candidate had managed to get their reports in on time. Turns out that wasn’t the case.

Democratic Public Service Commission candidate Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun didn’t file her report until October 13, five days after the deadline.

I apologize for the oversight.