Plain Talk: Does Klobuchar Have a Chance in a Democratic Party That’s Shifted So Far Left?


Crowds turned out to support US Senator Amy Klobuchar as she kicks off her campaign for President of the United States, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019 in Boom Island Park, Minneapolis. (Scott Takushi / Pioneer Press)

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar launched her campaign for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination this weekend.

Klobuchar styles herself as a moderate and pragmatist from flyover country. An antidote to the struggles Democrats faced in the 2016 election when it came to winning over voters in states like Wisconsin. In fact, Klobuchar has vowed to make Wisconsin one of the first stops of her campaign, a jab at Hillary Clinton who rather infamously avoided campaigning there in 2016 only to see the state and its electoral college votes go to Donald Trump.

But is a moderate what a Democratic party which features luminaries like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really wants? Klobuchar’s close friend Heidi Heitkamp, who lost re-election to the U.S. Senate last year, also struggled with appealing to both her left wing base and the far more moderate voters of the general electorate.

Also, former Governor Ed Schafer talks about the debate over what to do with the Legacy Fund.

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