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Plain Talk: Does Klobuchar Have a Chance in a Democratic Party That’s Shifted So Far Left?

Plain Talk: Does Klobuchar Have a Chance in a Democratic Party That’s Shifted So Far Left?

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar launched her campaign for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination this weekend. Klobuchar styles herself as a moderate and pragmatist from flyover country. An antidote to the struggles Democrats faced in the 2016 election when it came to winning over voters in states like Wisconsin. In fact, Klobuchar has vowed to make

Senator Heidi Heitkamp A Possible For The Supreme Court?

The quick answer to the question in the headline is, “probably not,” but since it’s a rumor I’ve heard from more than one source in North Dakota political circles (probably inspired by similar and more substantive rumors around Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar) let’s explore it. “Heard from some in the know in the Dem party

Will Heidi Heitkamp Return Campaign Dollars To Colleague Facing Corruption Problems?

Senator Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, has a major ethics issue on his hands. He’s been indicted by the federal government on corruption charges for allegedly using his office improperly to help to Salomon Melgen, an eye doctor in Florida. Melgen “offered the senator an array of perks including trips on his private jet, three nights

The Solution To High Gas Prices Is Less Government, Not More

There’s a lot of consternation nationally about gas prices this spring, but that’s usually the case. As one of the most visible economic indicators in the market, it seems like gas prices are always making people gripe, especially when the inevitable summer price hikes come. This spring the angst seems particularly acute, especially in North

Democrats Join With Republicans To Repeal Obamacare Tax, Heidi Heitkamp Nowhere To Be Found

Back during her campaign for the US Senate, the one in which she cloaked herself with the “independent” mantle while distancing herself from her party, Senator Heidi Heitkamp said that Obamacare was “good and bad” and “needs to be fixed.” Right now there’s a bi-partisan group of Republican and Senate Democrats who want to do