Plain Talk: Can You Be an Elected Official and a Reporter at the Same Time?


On this episode of Plain Talk, state Rep. Matt Eidson (D-Grand Forks) talks about how he plans to manage being an elected official as well as a reporter.

Eidson has taken internships with Prairie Public and the Grand Forks Herald (owned by Forum Communications Company which also employs me), and says he’ll work hard to stay “middle of the road” in his reporting.

“It’s just a temporary thing,” he said of the internship. “It’s just for the summer.”

But what about the public feeling a sitting politician with a political party affiliation might not be producing fair content?

“One advantage I can bring to the table is you know where I’m coming from,” he said.

Also on this episode Congressman Kelly Armstrong takes listener questions and talks about the on-going fighting over the Mueller report as well as the trade war with China.

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