Plain Talk: Burgum Says Those Ranking Other Priorities Above Roosevelt Library Are Presenting a “False Choice”


Gov. Doug Burgum, left, answers question from members of the House Appropriations Committee's Education and Environment Division on Wednesday in the state Capiltol in Bismarck about his Legacy Fund proposal to build the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Museum at Medora.

On this episode of Plain Talk, Governor Doug Burgum defended his push for $50 million in funding for a Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora.

Asked about the argument, coming from many, which suggests the state has other priorities for that money, Burgum said it’s “understandable” since “we do have needs across the state.”

But he also said it’s not a compelling argument. “IF you were studying this in debate class you’d call it a false choice,” he said. He added that, whatever alternative spending the library critics are proposing, “we can do both.”

“We don’t have a revenue problem,” the Governor said.

Also, legislation to reform civil asset forfeiture has run into a thin blue line of opposition from law enforcement. Why on earth is law prohibiting cops from keeping the stuff the seize unless there’s a conviction for a crime so controversial?

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