North Dakota Attorney General Asks For $400,000 To Defend Pro-Life Bills In Next Two Years


The pro-abortion activists concern-trolling the cost of defending North Dakota’s new pro-life bills got some wind taken out of their sails last week when Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem announced that he’s asking for a relatively small $400,000 appropriation to defend the bills in the coming biennium.

Many predicted that this legislature would have to appropriate millions to cover the expenditure, but that’s not really true. As Stenehjem points out, in the coming biennium the cost of defending the laws won’t be much at all.

“Certainly some people are talking this might go to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I suppose that`s potentially possible, but it certainly won`t happen in the next two years. So the legislature will be back here then and we can see what`s happened, where we are with the funding,” he said.

Plus, the state is likely to get a big boost from private pro-life groups. Legislators who I’ve spoken to favor structuring a state fund to which private citizens and groups can contribute money to help the state defend these laws with the taxpayers making up any shortfalls.

If that happens, it’s likely the taxpayers will only bear a small portion of the cost of these laws.