Nick Bata: The Story They Don’t Want You to Hear


The Thread

The infamous thread took place on a “friend’s” Facebook page where the “approved narrative” was America is a rape culture, and American women are oppressed by the “patriarchy.” I wholeheartedly disagree. At the time, it had about 30 likes and zero comments. Everyone agreed, this had to be true. I started the conversation off because I believe issues need to be discussed. I will attach screen shots of the thread, and I will avoid giving commentary so you the reader can make of it what you will. An attached image gallery is at the bottom of the post just so there isn’t a break between headings. Also in the image gallery are pictures of the threats, assumptions I am a rapist, and other remarks I have received due to WDAY’s shoddy journalism.

The gallery of screenshots can be seen on Mr. Bata’s blog where this post originally appeared. — Rob

ND Democrats

Ruth Buffalo (Dem-NPL Insurance Commissioner Candidate) had jumped on this nonsense. This was done because ND Dem-NPL is so insignificant in the state. Nobody is buying their trash anymore. Libertarians in the state are changing the political paradigm. Due to Ruth Buffalo’s awful Insurance Commissioner debate and since Dem-NPL are on the way out of relevancy, this was done as their last hoorah.

Pretty sad that Dem-NPL can’t compete on an intellectual or policy level that they have to resort to exploiting something someone said somewhere on FB that hurt someone somewhere’s feelings. This was a coordinated attack between ND Dem-NPL and Forum Communications. Not to mention both Ruth Buffalo and Dem-NPL are fully supporting a real rape apologist, rape defender, andvictim-abuser, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I’ll be waiting for Buffalo’s tweet asking Clinton to apologize and withdraw.

Forum Communications are Hacks

Out of the 44 comments that I had made on this thread, Ruth Buffalo, WDAY, Jamestown Sun, Grand Forks Herald, CNN, Fargo Forum, Dickinson Press ,and decided that they would focus on one particular comment that upset their moral supremacy. It would be far more convenient to blow up a sarcastic comment than to mention all of the other 43 comments I had made. Why would they want to mention that I repeatedly said “rape is real,” “false rape scandals make it harder for actual rape victims to be heard,” or that “a real rape culture is Saudi Arabia and Hillary Clinton has no problem accepting their money.” By the way, Sarah K Burris, how big of a deadbeat idiot are you to believe anyone is pro-rape?

It makes for better headlines to single out just the one comment, create a false narrative and push an agenda. The WDAY story is riddled with incorrect statements, lies, and yellow journalism. With no context, the headline for the “top story” focused on the one sarcastic comment I had made that was a dig at Donald Trump’s slogan and PC mania. WDAY Reporter, Jordan Schroeer said the FB thread was about “Consent,” it was about “Rape Culture.” I had told him that I expect this to be done with journalistic integrityand not to hash sound bytes together to create a false narrative. He assured me he wouldn’t and he does it anyways.

Jordan Schroeer, a terrible journalist and worst economist

Jordan mentions my comment about women stripping and how I said, “stripping was the best way for some women to make money.” During the initial interview, he asked if I could explain a comment I had made. I had told him that one female commenter said that she wishes stripping would stop and go away. I elaborated during the un-aired interview that people who want to get rid of stripping want to take the bread off of strippers tables and deprive them of that income.

Giving him the economic justification that women in the profession are demonstrating their preferences at that particular moment in time and according to these women’s rationale decision they are choosing that profession over other alternatives. Thus women in the profession, based on their voluntary decision are demonstrating that they believe that is the best way for them to make money at that particular moment in time. That is economics. Obviously, economics are out of Jordan’s wheelhouse, along with journalism.

Jordan Schroeer reported on-air he asked me if I were going to drop out of the race and stated that I said “I wasn’t.” Jordan never asked me that, that was a lie. This is where the Dem-NPL come in. Why else would Jordan lie if not he and Forum Communications are in the bag for Dem-NPL.

Jeff Nelson, WDAY News Director

Does Jeff Nelson stand by the quality of journalism he oversees? He should have no problem releasing the full-length interview along with the full transcripts to prove this “quality” journalism. If he is not willing to produce these resources to corroborate the accuracy of the reporting produced that ended up in several media outlets, then he is deliberately hiding something. If that is the case, can Jeff Nelson, Jordan Schroeer, WDAY or Forum Communications ever be trusted again?

The Left

With all the threats I have been receiving demonstrates exactly how violent the left is. I think rape culture in America is false, but the lynch culture is alive and well among ND Dem-NPL. I cannot believe that in 2016 people still don’t know when they are having their emotions manipulated by misleading headlines.