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Statewide Democratic Candidate Ruth Buffalo Is 11 Days Late and Counting With Campaign Disclosure Report

Statewide Democratic Candidate Ruth Buffalo Is 11 Days Late and Counting With Campaign Disclosure Report

I’ve been on the record for some time now calling for more and better disclosure for campaign finance details. I think the transparency is important for the public, and in this digital age I don’t see any reason why campaigns can’t file more frequent reports – which are submitted online these days in our state

Democratic Insurance Commissioner Candidate Accuses Libertarian Opponent of Insensitive Comments About Rape

Ruth Buffalo, the Democratic candidate for Insurance Commissioner, is calling out her opponent, Libertarian Party candidate Nick Bata, for what she describes as an offensive comment about rape, but Bata says he won’t apologize for the comments. “In a public thread on Facebook, Bata engaged in a discussion about rape, making demeaning and offensive comments

Nick Bata: What I Would Do as Insurance Commissioner

The Problem Everything government touches it ruins. Money, banking, healthcare and insurance no longer serve their primary functions. The monopoly over the supply of money has created a vehicle for endless taxation via inflation. Banking has become so regulated where competition has been eliminated and are dominated by state-approved banking cartels. Healthcare transformed from low-cost doctors

Nick Bata: The Insurance Department, a Socialist Institution

Price Controls Every socialist system establishes and enforces price control policies. We are seeing the consequences of socialism all around us. The price control regime and hyperinflation imposed over the Venezuelan economy is quite evident. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people are separated from basic and essential goods/services. Why is that? The law of

Nick Bata: Questions for Mr. Godfread

I have assembled quotations from my opponent Mr. Jon Godfread, and my attempt is to take what he has expressed, analyze them and pose a series of counter-questions. “Free enterprise and the free market is critical to all businesses. Insurance is no different. More competition means lower prices and better products for consumers. I understand these principles