This Map Shows Where All the Arrested #NoDAPL Protesters Have Come From


As of yesterday, when 14 more of the protesters were taken into custody, there have been 143 total arrests of people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Most of these people are not from North or South Dakota, the two states which encompass the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. In fact just 43 of the arrests were of people from North or South Dakota. Most of the rest came from California (17) and 27 other states.

There were also four protesters from Canada arrested.

This interactive map shows an arrest breakdown for each state. Note that these numbers including five people – one each from North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Colorado, and California -who have been arrested more than once.

There is still one protester who, as of yesterday, hadn’t yet provided information about their residence.

The count of 143 includes four which weren’t directly related to protest activities, two each from North and South Dakota. These charges were related to things like possession of marijuana, possession of meth, and preventing arrest.

There are also six outstanding arrest warrants related to the protests including Democracy Now activist Amy Goodman, who is expected to be in court on Monday to face charges related to engaging in a riot, and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein who is accused of vandalizing construction equipment during a trip to the state.

Here’s a spreadsheet listing the individuals arrested and the charges:

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